Odoo Database Upgrade FAQ

9. What to do when the database is finally delivered?

Copy your old filestore

If your old Odoo version was using a filestore, copy it to the new location if it has changed.
Odoo normally stores the filestore at:

If you are hosted on odoo.sh, you don't need to do it. The old filestore should already be present for the staging database.

Restore the upgraded database

Depending on the type of archive delivered to you, you'll either have to use the Odoo database manager or a Postgresql tool like pg_restore or psql.

Perform an update of your modules

This operation is required if you have custom modules installed because they will be in the to update state in the upgraded dump file. Your custom modules should, of course, be available in the new Odoo version.

The module update is usually performed using these command line options:

  • -d DBNAME
  • -u all
  • --stop-after-init